Business Coaching

Starting and maintaining a successful business is akin to navigating an intricate maze.

There are turns that lead to opportunities, some that take you back to the start, and others that lead to unimaginable success. Regardless of where you stand – whether you’re a fiery start-up founder, an entrepreneur bursting with potential, or an established business owner looking to refresh your approach – AdvantEdge’s Business Coaching Services are your beacon of clarity.

How AdvantEdge Business Coaching Can Help You?

Lead Business Coach

Your business deserves every chance to succeed.

Together, we’ll navigate the challenges, seize the opportunities, and create a success story that’s uniquely yours

Our Coaching Process: From Discovery to Transformation

Discovery Call

Our journey begins with a free discovery call. This is our chance to get to know each other. We’ll delve into where you are, where you’d like to be, and how I might assist you in bridging that gap.

Goal Setting

Once we’ve established a connection, we’ll work together to identify your immediate and long-term goals. It’s essential to have clarity on our destination before setting out.

Personalised Strategy Development

Based on our initial conversations, I will craft a custom strategy for your business. This strategy will serve as our roadmap, guiding us through our coaching journey.

Regular Check-ins & Accountability

Regular sessions will ensure you’re on track. These sessions serve as touchpoints, offering support, insights, and a chance to recalibrate if needed.

Celebrate & Assess:

Together, we’ll celebrate your milestones. But we won’t just stop there. We’ll evaluate the journey, see what worked, what lessons we’ve learned, and how we can continue to grow.

Business Coaching for success

What to Expect from a Typical Coaching Session

Why Choose Me as Your Business Coach?

Lived Experience

With over 15 years in sectors ranging from fintech to health research, I’ve seen it all. My diverse experience equips me with a breadth of knowledge and insights.

Specialised Focus

I’m not just any business coach. I’m your coach, with a unique focus on BAME and women-led businesses in the Kingston, New Malden, and Surrey area.

Commitment to Transformation

My core values align with promoting and embracing transformational change. I’m invested in ensuring that you don’t just grow but truly transform.

Your Partner in Success

Your journey becomes mine. Together, we’ll navigate the business landscape, ensuring that you always have an ally by your side.