Picton Business Circle

Here, businesses don’t just survive; they thrive. Dive into an ecosystem designed to nurture, uplift, and accelerate businesses in the Kingston, New Malden, and Surrey area.

Our Mission

The AdvantEdge Business Circle, is more than just a community; we’re a movement. We aim to empower entrepreneurs, especially from the BAME community and women-led businesses, to break barriers, share wisdom, and foster collaborative growth.


Our Programs

We recognize the unique challenges faced by the BAME community and women entrepreneurs. Our Startup Circle is tailored to address these challenges head-on, creating an environment that nurtures ideas, fosters collaboration, and drives transformative growth.

For Small Businesses

Your small business isn’t just a venture; it’s a dream in motion. Our Business Circle understands and appreciates the myriad of challenges and opportunities knocking at your door:
Networking Opportunities: Dive into a world where like-minded small business owners converge. Share your story, glean insights, and cultivate relationships that pave the way for unprecedented opportunities.
Resource Sharing: Whether you need a crash course in digital marketing or nuanced insights on financial planning, our rich repository of resources awaits your exploration.
Collaborative Projects: Discover the strength of unity. Join hands with other businesses and undertake projects that seemed distant dreams before.
Knowledge Sharing: Regular workshops, enlightening webinars, industry-expert talks, lunch and learn sessions – all curated with the sole aim of empowering you with cutting-edge knowledge

For Start-ups

Your start-up is the embodiment of innovation and passion. Allow our Business Circle to be the wind beneath your wings, offering:
Mentorship: Navigate your startup journey with seasoned mentors guiding you, ensuring you sidestep common mistakes while leveraging industry secrets.
Pitch Sessions: Craft a pitch that’s irresistible. With constructive feedback from our community, you’ll be primed to woo investors or potential partners.
Workshops and Training: Special sessions crafted for startups, ensuring you always remain a step ahead in your entrepreneurial journey.
Peer Support: Your fellow startup founders become your allies. Celebrate wins, brainstorm through challenges, and evolve together.

Elevate Your Business Journey

A Community Moulded Just for You

The AdvantEdge Business Circle isn’t just another business network; it’s where aspirations meet guidance and potential meets opportunities. If you resonate with our vision and are keen to amplify your business success, this is your arena. Join us, shape this community, and let’s co-create business success stories that inspire.

Anticipation is exciting, isn’t it? While we put on the final touches, make sure you’re on our list to be the first to get updates on the Business Circle. Sign up now and be a part of shaping this transformative community.

Why Kingston’s Business Circle Stands Out

Joining the AdvantEdge Business Circle is akin to being embraced by a family:

  • Exclusive Events: It’s not just about work; it’s about connection. Relish our exclusive events, where business meets leisure, and connections transform into friendships.
  • Local Pulse: Every region has its rhythm. We have our fingers on the pulse of Kingston, New Malden, and Surrey, ensuring every initiative is in sync with local dynamics.
  • Opportunities to Blossom: Together, we brainstorm growth strategies, unearth innovative methods, and pivot with market shifts, ensuring you’re always in the vanguard.
  • Empowerment: With the collective might of the circle behind you, stride forward with unparalleled confidence and vision.

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