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Welcome to the AdvantEdge Startup Circle, where your dream of establishing a business becomes a reality.

Especially dedicated to the underrepresented BAME community and women-led businesses in the Kingston, New Malden, and surrounding Surrey area, our mission is to create an inclusive space where every entrepreneurial vision is nurtured, supported, and accelerated.

Our Mission

Championing diversity in business. We recognize the immense talent and potential that lies within the BAME community and among women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide these bright minds with the resources, network, and support they need to launch and thrive


Our Programs

We recognize the unique challenges faced by the BAME community and women entrepreneurs. Our Startup Circle is tailored to address these challenges head-on, creating an environment that nurtures ideas, fosters collaboration, and drives transformative growth.

Business Launchpad

Duration: 10 Weeks
Ideal For: Aspiring entrepreneurs at the idea stage
Overview: Transform your business idea into a tangible and actionable plan. Our structured programme will guide you through every aspect of the startup journey, from conception to launch.
Key Benefits:
Mentorship from Industry Leaders
Interactive Workshops to Hone Your Business Model
Peer Review Sessions for Constructive Feedback
Networking Opportunities with Local Entrepreneurs and Investors
A refined business model ready for the market
A robust launch strategy
A network of peers and mentors to guide you forward

Business Ignition

Duration: 8 Weeks
Ideal For: Early-stage entrepreneurs and startups seeking acceleration
Overview: For businesses that have already taken the first step, our Business Ignition programme provides the fuel for your next leap. Dive deep into growth strategies, market positioning, and sustainable scalability.
Key Benefits:
Advanced Workshops on Scaling and Growth
One-on-One Consultation Sessions
Pitch Practice and Investor Meetups
Access to an Exclusive Startup Resource Hub
A defined growth plan ready for execution
A sharpened pitch ready for investor meetings
Strategies for sustainable business growth

transform your business dreams into reality

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Price: £75 (Note: This programme holds a value of over £1500. We request participants to contribute £75 to uphold its quality and reach.)

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  • UK-based individual.
  • Residing in or intending to run a business in Kingston, New Malden, or the surrounding Surrey area.
  • Either at the ideation stage or have recently launched a business.
  • Eager to enhance your business acumen, skills, and confidence.
  • Looking forward to networking and joining a dynamic cohort of entrepreneurs.
  • Can commit to attending the majority of online sessions, including the Pitch Day.

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