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Sprucing Up for the Grand Finale: Gearing Your Business for the Last Quarter of 2023!


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Ahoy, fellow Kingston entrepreneurs! (And all of you wonderful folks in New Malden and Surrey too.) I don’t know about you, but whenever the last quarter of the year rolls around, I get this inexplicable itch. Some might call it the pre-winter jitters, but in the entrepreneurial realm, I lovingly dub it the “Fourth-Quarter Frenzy”. 🍂📈

It’s like spring cleaning, but instead of clearing out winter cobwebs, we’re prepping for the grand end-of-year finale. Grab a cuppa, and let’s explore how to make your business shine.

  • 1. Time for a Financial Check-in: Look, as much as I enjoy a surprise at the bottom of a cereal box, finding unexpected expenses in my books? Not so much. This is a fab time to ensure everything’s tickety-boo. Revisit your budget, assess any outstanding invoices, and make sure all the numbers dance harmoniously.
  • 2. Declutter, but Make It Digital: My computer desktop resembles a chaotic modern art piece. If yours does too, perhaps it’s time for a clear-out? Organise those files, clear out old emails, and, for the love of all things local, back everything up!
  • 3. Reflect and Re-strategize: Remember those grand plans from January? Revisit them. Maybe you smashed your targets, or perhaps the path took a few unexpected turns. Whichever it is, assess and adapt. The Surrey entrepreneurial journey is nothing if not full of surprises!
  • 4. Connect with Your Community: With a majority of our local BAME community diving into the entrepreneurial pool, it’s a golden opportunity to collaborate and support. Organise meet-ups, shout-outs, or simply drop by AdvantEdge for some good ol’ business banter.
  • 5. Set Your Sights on the Holidays: People of Kingston and New Malden, festive times are approaching! Consider any special promotions, holiday offers, or themed events to give your business that jolly boost.
  • 6. Seek Support: Going solo can get lonesome. The local community, especially the budding entrepreneurs in our midst, has a treasure trove of insights. And if you’re scouting for affordable support, look no further. AdvantEdge is here, not just as a catchy name, but as your end-of-year entrepreneurial companion.
  • 7. Finally, Celebrate: The year, no doubt, had its highs and lows. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Whether it’s a lavish meal, a stroll in the park, or simply indulging in an extra chocolate biscuit – you’ve earned it.

As the golden hues of autumn descend upon Surrey and the hustle-bustle picks up, let’s embrace the change with enthusiasm. After all, the end of the year is not just a conclusion but a ramp-up to a fresh start.

So, to all my business comrades embarking on this last leg of the entrepreneurial journey in 2023, let’s make it count! And if you see me around town, mug in hand, raving about the latest business trend or fumbling with my laptop (because, decluttering), do stop by and share a laugh. Let’s wrap up the year, Kingston-style! 🍁🎉📊🥳

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