Unlock Your Inner Rockstar: How an Alter Ego Can Boost Your Business Presence!


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Whew! What a week it’s been! If someone had told the introverted strategist in me a few years ago that I’d be standing in front of a room full of eager university students from Arden University, teaching them about business strategy, I might have thought they were pulling a fast one on me. But guess what? That’s exactly what happened.

Here’s the secret sauce: Todd Herman’s “Alter Ego Effect.” The premise? Tapping into a powerful version of yourself that’s just waiting to be unleashed. It’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs, especially if you’re looking to develop those selling and public speaking skills. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Power of an Alter Ego: Stepping onto that stage, I wasn’t just any business coach. I was the business coach – confident, experienced, and ready to make an impact. All thanks to an alter ego that was carefully crafted. Think about it – the best athletes, speakers, and business moguls all have a “mode” they switch into. Why shouldn’t you?
  2. Tapping into Your Inner Self: The most powerful version of you isn’t someone else – it’s a part of you. It’s not about pretending but about revealing the best version of yourself. That dormant charisma, confidence, and passion? Time to bring it out!
  3. The Field of Play Concept: Think of life as various arenas. Networking events, sales pitches, staff meetings – these are your fields of play. Your alter ego equips you to play best in each of these fields. As I stood in front of those students, my ‘lecturer’ alter ego was in full gear.
  4. Building Your Alter Ego: This is the fun part! Who do you want to be when you’re selling, networking, or presenting? Visualize, name it, and be it. Want some guidance on this? Todd Herman’s got you covered. Dive deep into his resources right here.
  5. Overcoming Resistance and Doubt: As entrepreneurs, doubt is an old friend, isn’t it? Your alter ego is like the bouncer that keeps this unwanted guest out. The next time you feel that resistance or self-doubt creeping in, channel your alter ego and power through!

Whether you’re networking, selling, or like me, unexpectedly lecturing a room full of students, your alter ego can be your secret weapon to face the challenge head on!

I might break down series on what I did to overcome the fear and also how I am building my alter ego, if you are interested in this series, then let know!

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