Habits: The Consistency in the Chaos


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Old Habits - New Habits signpost in a desert road background

Intro: From Visionary Goals to Daily Grind

We’ve walked the golden path of goals, understanding how those big, audacious dreams form the bedrock of every successful entrepreneurial journey. Yet, there’s a bridge between setting those goals and achieving them – a bridge constructed of daily, consistent actions. For every thriving BAME business owner and trailblazing woman-led venture in Kingston, New Malden, and Surrey, that bridge is built of HABITS.

The Grind of the Everyday: Why Habits are the Backbone of Success

Goals give us direction, but it’s the habits that power the journey. Think of it this way: if your goals are the destination on your business GPS, then habits are the turn-by-turn directions that get you there. They are the repeated actions, the rituals, and the routines that, over time, become as natural as breathing. The magic of habits? They function even amidst the chaos, ensuring that even on turbulent days, you’re still inching closer to your goals.

Crafting Business Habits: Prioritizing, Scheduling, and Iterating

So, how does one cultivate business-boosting habits? It’s a blend of art and science:

  1. Prioritizing: Understand what truly matters. Is it networking in Kingston? Product development? Or perhaps, customer service? Identify what’s paramount for your business’s growth and focus your energy there.
  2. Scheduling: Set dedicated times for your priorities. Block out hours in your day for focused, uninterrupted work. This is when the magic happens!
  3. Iterating: No one gets it perfect the first time. Evaluate your habits periodically. If something isn’t serving your goals, tweak it. Adaptability is the name of the game.

The Power of Persistence: “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.”

Every entrepreneur has their moments of doubt, especially when challenges seem insurmountable. Yet, it’s the habit of persisting, of rising every time you fall, that defines success. It’s about resilience. Whether you’re making waves in the BAME business community or leading a revolution in women-centric enterprises, remember: setbacks are just setups for bigger comebacks. Embrace the grind, and let your habits carry you through the storms.

Old Habits - New Habits signpost in a desert road background

Onward to the Hustle and Flow

With goals set and habits in place, there’s one final piece to this puzzle of success. The actions, the steps, the very essence of the hustle that turns dreams into reality. Are you ready to dive deep into the realm of tasks, where dreams meet action? Stick around, because that’s where we’re headed next.

Gear up, the journey has only just begun!

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