Bringing It All Together: Goals, Habits, Tasks


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The Three Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success

If you’ve been following our journey thus far, you’re no stranger to the trinity of success we’ve dissected: Goals, Habits, and Tasks. Each one plays a unique role, yet, like the most harmonious trios in music, they’re most powerful when working in concert. As we stand at this crossroads in Kingston, New Malden, and Surrey, championing our vibrant BAME community and empowering women-led ventures, let’s delve into the beautiful symphony these elements create together.

  1. Goals – The Destination: Every journey starts with a clear destination in mind. In business, your goals define where you want to be – whether it’s reaching a certain revenue, expanding to new markets, or becoming a household name.
  2. Habits – The Vehicle: Think of habits as your vehicle, consistently moving you towards your destination. They ensure you stay on course, fueling your journey with discipline and structure.
  3. Tasks – The Milestones: If habits are the vehicle, then tasks are the milestones you cross. They’re your daily affirmations, reminding you that you’re on the right path, inching closer to your goals every day.

Times When The Formula Worked Its Magic

  • The Launch That Almost Wasn’t: I remember launching a product for a BAME-focused startup in Surrey. The goal? Gain 10,000 users in the first month. The habits? Regular team check-ins, constant market feedback, and iterative development. The tasks? From beta testing to marketing blitzes. The result? 15,000 users in the first three weeks! The seamless integration of clear goals, established habits, and actionable tasks made what seemed like a daunting challenge an achievable feat.
  • Turning A Setback Into A Comeback: A business venture in Putney was on the brink of shutting down. They regrouped, set a new goal to pivot their business model, incorporated habits of weekly brainstorming and customer feedback, and listed tasks from rebranding to relaunching. Fast forward six months, and they were not only back in the game but thriving like never before.

The Grand Symphony of Success

When you align your goals, habits, and tasks, you’re not just working hard; you’re working smart. You’re weaving a tapestry of success, where each thread, no matter how distinct, adds to the beauty and strength of the whole. But remember, as we continue our journey, that this formula is just one part of the rich landscape of entrepreneurship.

Stick around as we explore more avenues, uncover deeper insights, and share tales of triumphs and trials from the heart of the business world.

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